Appealing a matter through Spino & Newcomb

Even the most talented trial attorneys sometimes have a hard time tying their equitable arguments and often extensive evidentiary records to the law. When there are very few, if any factual matters in dispute, and judges decide the case for their own reasons and contrary to established principals of law, Spino & Newcomb has a strong record of appealing those decisions and making powerful legal arguments and Our lawyers have appealed cases to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania and the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Appealing prior decisions

Decisions on prior legal matters are often appealed. Unlike trial court, appealing a prior decision requires a highly experienced and aggressive law firm that can adhere to special procedures in appellate court. Spino & Newcomb handless in performing assessments of prior decisions to help you decide on pursuing an appeal in your legal matter. Our experience and ability forces judges to carefully consider the arguments for appeal and laws in question, so decisions handed down are strict interpretations of the law, and not simply a personal opinion or political interest.
Trust a firm that has experience in appellate court. Trust Spino & Newcomb.

Experienced help on your Pennsylvania Appeal when a trial court has ruled against you

While you may have fought a long and hard battle in a county or Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, a decision was handed down unfavorable to what you were seeking. However, you may have also won a decision at a lower court, and now find that decision being appealed by the opposing party.

Our experienced appellate attorneys are powerful advocates who will review the record in your case and advise you of your chances of receiving a favorable decision in appellate court.

Spino & Newcomb: Fighting for a favorable decision

Attorneys at Spino & Newcomb fight for a winning decision both in writing and during oral arguments, to convince the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania or the the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that the mistake of the trial court must be remedied.

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